Generating Mailing/Email lists for Connections and Renewals

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Use the embedded Jotform to generate lists. Detailed directions are provided below

If you are creating a dues mailing check the dues

These processes overcome some limitations in NoviAMS

1. Mailing lists enable us to select the best mailing address to use based on both member preference and the address data provided. So for example if a member preferred a home mailing address but only provided a work address, the mailing list will use the work address. 

The list can also be used for a dues renewal mailing as it calculates and includes the dues payable by each member.

How it works

The heart of these operations is a Jotform that is also embedded below.

For Mailing lists this form will update an Airtable to include the mailing list requested. Note that if this is a mailing list to   a subgroup (such as members who pay their own dues) you should run the renewal list process first. 

These mailing lists pull from the following groups

All Groups. Select category "Who pays dues"This will show the four groups below. Use this to check that everything looks right. The totals should add up to the total number of members still due to renew

Hospital pays duesMember who have not yet renewed, whose dues will be paid for by the hospital.

Before use it must be updated manually using the form below.

Member pays duesMember who have not yet renewed, who will pay their own dues. Excludes retired members.

Before use it must be updated manually using the form below

Members still to renewThis should show all the members that are in the two groups above. It is used as the foundation for creating those two groups.

Who pays dues not assignedThis should have no members. Check it before using the other groups.

Technical stuff

This section is to enable a developer to troubleshoot, and is not necessary for staff to read.

The background processes are managed in Make

The individual scenarios are in a folder called 9: Mailing and Renewal

Process Jotform requestsReceives the Jotform webhook
Branches into two options depending on type of report

For renewal status - sends a series of 30 hooks to the routine "Assign who pays for renewals part 2" with offsets from 0 to 30

For mailing list
a) Clears all records from the Airtable for dues mailing
b) Processes a series of 100 member queries to the selected member group until it has processed them all
c) For each member processed send a web hook to Mailing List for Renewals part 2

Assign who pays for Renewals part 2Gets 100 members from the Novi Group "Members to renew 20XX"

Uses parent information and "default dues payer" to determine if they will pay for themselves, or by hospital

Sends update information to Zapier to update the member field

Mailing List for Renewals part 2
Runs once for each member

Determines which is the best address to use
Accesses the dues Airtable to set the dues
Writes each line as a record into the Mailing List airtable
Indicates where the selected address needs attention.

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