Assigning Committee Members

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Committee members are managed in a Knack application called the Committee App

This includes the Regional Boards

Here is the public link

How it works

1. NoviAMS is synched to the Committee App so that all member records are available and updated in the committee app

2. Members are assigned to committee roles using the Committee App

3. The Committee App is available to members where they can see both committee members and goals

4. Staff can make committee assignments in the back-end

5. The committee assignments are written back into the NoviAMS profile

How to add a member to a Committee 

Follow this link to the back-end of the app where you can update committees

You will need a user profile to login to this app

From the list of committees, click on the + sign to edit the members

You can then use the form to add a member to the committee. A list of current assignments is provided so that you can see who is already on the committee. Avoid duplicates.

How to end a member term or remove them from the committee

Find the member in the list of current committee assignments (see diagram above)

Click on the Edit button at the right end of that row and open up the edit dialog

Enter today's end date to immediately end, or the year-end if that is when their term ends

If they resigned or gave another reason - just note it in the end note box

There is no DELETE for these records, but if you created a record by mistake just write "Created in error" in the end note box and put in the same end date as a day before the start date.

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