Managing the Master Account Campaign in Novi

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NoviAMS has been setup to help keep track of the Master Account Campaign each year.

To set it up for a new campaign year, we just need to run a small automated process to remove notes from the prior year.

Who is in the Master Account Campaign?

The original Master Account Campaign list was created from all the existing master accounts in the old YM database.

It can be added to by using the Master Account Status field on the account profile

Note - there is also a place to keep notes as the campaign progresses

Provided the Dropdown has anything in it at all, except the "Removed from Master Accounts" status. This will remove it from all Master Account Reports

How to manage the Master Account Campaign

As each account progresses through the stages you can update the Master Campaign Status through:

IncludedNo action has been taken yet
ContactedAn email has been set or a phone call made
Form returned
Someone has completed the online form and is ready to be invoiced
InvoicedAn invoice has been sent
PaidThe final stage - where the renewal is complete

Lists for Accounts at Each State

You can access the lists for each state by going to the list of groups, and (important) using the filter to select the Master Account Campaign Category

Keeping more detailed Notes on each Account

You can also use the Novi Timeline to record notes on each account. This means you can track a history, rather than just using the notes box on the profile.

In the Timeline - just click the + sign at the right and put some notes in the popup

Notes will also be added to the timeline automatically by some of the master account automated processes

The timeline gets quite busy - but there is a filter so you can see just the notes you made

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