Invoicing Master Accounts in Novi

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The process for invoicing a master account follows these steps

a) Use the embedded jotform above to send the hospital an online knack form to confirm which members should be renewed. Here is a direct link if you prefer that.

b) The hospital completes the online knack form and confirms which members are to be renewed

c) When all the members are set up correctly - use the same jotform below to create the renewal invoice - this will also renew the account

d) Send the invoice link to the master account for payment

a) Confirm with the hospital which members are to be renewed

Go to the account and review the list of individuals associated with that account.

Member to be renewed

Member Type

Default dues payer override

Veterinarian Paid for by the hospitalActive memberParent (If one exists)
LVT related to the hospitalNon-dues paying memberN/A
Veterinarian linked to hospital but not paid for by hospitalActive memberMember Itself

Use the jotform at the head of this article (or here) to create an online knack form (example here) that you can send to the hospital administrator.

Choose the option "Show all the Members related to this account"

This will send you an email that you can send on to the hospital, and the email will include a link to the online form

Here is an example of the knack online form

Once the member completes the form the following will happen:

a) You will receive an email with a link to the complete form

b) The Master Account Status in Novi will be moved to the stage: "Form returned"

c) A note will be placed on the master account timeline

b) Renew the members and invoice the account

Once you get the knack from back, use the data in the knack form to:

  1.  Add any new veterinarians and LVTs
  2.  Remove any veterinarians/LVTS that they are not renewing
  3.  Select the second option in the knack form above - "Generate a Master Account Invoice?


a) Make sure there is a valid email address for the primary contact on the account. This will enable quickbooks to generate a "quick payment" link.

b) Check that the regional dues amounts are correct and that the graduation year discounts are correct

This will do the following:

a) Move the Master Account expiration date to the specified expiration date - to renew benefits for LVTs etc

b) Update the expiration dates of the individual members who are being paid by the master account

c) Creates a single invoice in Quickbooks listing all the members to be renewed

d) Adds notes to the timelines of both veterinarians documenting the renewal

e) Moves the master account into the "invoiced" group in the Master Account Progress Tracking

f) Sends you an email with a notification when complete

NOTE: It takes a while for the invoice that is created in quickbooks to by synched back. You can do a manual synch by going to "Accounting" - then "Quickbooks Sync" and do a manual synch

Example invoice:

Example notes on the profiles of both the master and employee accounts

How to get the invoice paid?

Once the quickbooks invoice has been created you will receive an email.

This will include a quickbooks payment link - that provides both the invoice details and easy ways for the member to pay.

The link will take them to a page like this. 

(Check that the link works before sending it - if there wasn't an email provided for the primary contact - this may not generate the payment option dialog)

What if the invoice is incorrect?

You can just fix what was wrong and create a new one. 

But you will not be able to delete or void the old invoice. That can only be done in quickbooks. Because this is a potential accounting risk area voiding these invoices may ONLY be done by the Executive Director. Send a copy of invoices to be voided with a note. Please keep these to an absolute minimum. If hospitals add more members just create a new invoice to reduce the number of voided invoices.

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